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Website Design

Do you already have the vision for your website, or perhaps need some creative inspiration? Let’s work together and design the perfect website for your brand or company image.

Website Development

We can build your website using popular services such as Squarespace and Wordpress, or if you’re looking for something more bespoke we can build it from scratch using todays most popular web technologies.

Website Management

We can handle all of your websites needs so you don’t have to - from hosting and domain management to any updates you’d like to make. We’re just an email or message away.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of driving organic traffic to your website from search engines by using a variety of ever-evolving techniques.

Who are oneninenine?

199 Designs was born to help small to medium businesses concentrate on their business (what they’re good at) rather than worrying about creating a meaningful web presence (what we’re good at).

I'm Mitch, a Marine Electrical Engineer turned Full-stack Web Developer specialising in all things Javascript. Don't worry if that means nothing to you... in a nutshell I have traded a life navigating the oceans for a life navigating your potential customers right to you!

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Why us?

Ultimately your website is for one thing - your audience! Our goal is to design and build you a flawless website that converts page visitors into loyal customers.

We believe the best way of achieving this is by fostering meaningful relationships.

To achieve this goal, unlike many other web design studios, we work on a monthly subscription model, rather than a one-off 'set and forget' payment model.

Why? Good question!

Here are a few reasons of how our model adds considerable value to your investment in us:

  • Support and Updates down arrow

  • Scalability and Flexibility down arrow

  • Reduced Upfront Cost down arrow

  • Bundled Services and Additional Value down arrow

  • Enhanced Customer Support down arrow

  • Long-Term Relationship down arrow

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If you’d like to know more about what we do here at 199 Designs, or you already have an idea in mind and would like to make an enquiry for our proposal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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As we have various packages to suit everyone, this just gives us an idea of which package will be best suited to your needs and requirements.

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